Mr. Broko Gazpacho

You just have to try it

Welcome to the gazpacho revolution

Taking care of what we eat has never been so easy.

At Mr. Broko we help you to take care of your diet while you maintain your current pace of life, thus helping you achieve the balance you want.

The new way to consume broccoli at any time of the day.
100% natural evolution!

It allows you to lead a healthier life.

Discover our broccoli gazpacho drink, totally new and innovative in the market. Its 100% natural evolution allows us to create a fresh and ready-to-drink product.

Why try Mr. Broko Gazpacho?

It satisfies, refreshes and is very nutritious and light for your body.

At Mr.Broko we continue to cultivate flavours that adapt to your lifestyle and that allow you to have healthy eating habits. Add our broccoli gazpacho to your daily diet and benefit from all its properties.

It is simply unique, like you!

Our recipe, the most natural ingredients and blend!

Our gazpacho only contains broccoli, tomato, vinegar, salt and oregano. No preservatives, no additives or gluten!

Our Broccoli Gazpacho is made with our own raw materials, fresh vegetables grown in the East of Spain and recently harvested. At Mr. Broko we have over 25 years’ expertise and we oversee the entire process until we get a flavour and creaminess which is unique in the market.

We are sure that you will love our Broccoli Gazpacho!

Do you want to know how it all started?

The origin of our freshness, innovation and values.

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